4.011 meeting, glasses, fopal, planning, plague

Monday 12/12/2022

First event of the day was the resident association meeting, held on zoom only since the auditorium was closed yesterday. Nothing special, and I had no input, except during question time. When Rhonda was asked about the progress of a new contract with Comcast, which they are supposed to be negotiating, she indicated that Comcast had been unresponsive (or similar word) but recently had assigned a new representative so maybe things would get better. I put up my electronic hand and said, when Sodexo was unresponsive, we kicked them out and created our own dining services. There are other TV providers than Comcast… Rhonda said they had talked about that but only in a general way. I mean to pursue this idea at least to find out what the actual options are.

At this time we had, by Rhonda’s “unofficial” count, 5 positive covid cases in the building, 4 in the tower.

Then off to Costco because — and I forgot to say this yesterday — during the play yesterday I also got a text saying that my new glasses are ready. I’m wearing them now, and glad to have them.

On to FOPAL where I triaged all the books that had seen four sales off my shelves and priced on box more.

Back home where I actually began to plan a Barcelona trip. I assembled some websites (tripadvisor, lonely planet, etc) as tabs in a browser. After researching “best time to visit Barcelona” I chose actual dates: April 10-21. I figure to depart the evening of 4/10/23 arriving the morning of 4/11, and return on Saturday 4/21. With a little more reading I decided that the right district to stay in was the Gracia neighborhood. I picked a 4-star hotel in that district and booked my stay through Booking.com.

This all sounds very settled but in fact, I don’t pay anything up until 4/9/23, until then I can cancel the hotel with no penalty. When things will get real is when I actually book the flights. Not yet. More research to do.

And then came this email, sent at 6:55 pm:

We have 15 new cases of Covid-19 since Friday. 5 tested positive yesterday and 10 tested positive today. This brings us to 18 cases total in the Tower….

This large number of new cases in such a short time period is almost more than our nursing staff can handle. The nurses are  required to monitor every resident who is Covid positive multiple times each day, in addition to their normal duties.

Tomorrow, we will begin training administrative staff to cover duties, as appropriate, for the IL Nurses. So, don’t be surprised if you find administrative staff in the 3rd floor nursing station as they work in support of the IL nursing team.

Santa Clara County and the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) will receive our updated report this evening. We expect that additional restrictions will be required. We will update you of the direction from those agencies when we receive it.

Ooops. Plague times again.

Note that I wore my N95 mask at Costco, and FOPAL today.

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