4.008 Rivera, chorus

Friday 12/09/2022

Off at 9am in the small bus, a group of 8 for SFMOMA to view the Diego Rivera exhibition. This was fun. They have brought the immense mural that Rivera painted for the great Pan-Pacific Exposition of 1940 (for which Treasure Island was created), to SFMOMA, along a hundred or more smaller works. Here’s the mural. Fortunately we had been primed with the URL of a site, riveramural.org, which has interactive explanations for many of the hundreds of details in the picture.

So you spend some time looking at that and learning about all the symbols and all the contemporary people he put into it. Then another hour or so on the 4th floor looking at many smaller paintings and drawings.

And then on to the other 5 floors of MOMA. I took a selfie in the colored hallway.

I had a very good lunch in the cafe. The bus didn’t come for us until 2pm which was about an hour too long, but I guess I’m lucky, the same tour a week ago didn’t start back until 3. Anyway.

At 7 was to be a concert by the Gunn HS chorus. The Gunn music teacher has associations with several people here and they perform at CH most years around this time. I came out of the dining room at 6:30 to find a crowd of 30 or so HS kids in formal black and white attire in the lobby, being ushered into the auditorium. I followed, and the AV committee member scheduled for this event wasn’t there yet, so I set up the microphones for them.

Then I sat down to wait and opened my email (as one does) and found a very recent email from Rhonda. Owing to several Covid cases in staff and a couple of residents, everybody please start wearing masks in public spaces and at performances. Ooops, there are people still in the dining room that won’t have seen this, and will be coming to the concert any minute.

So I appointed myself mask monitor. I ran up to my room and got a box of blue masks from the case that the resident association had bought, and ran back down and stationed myself at the auditorium entrance. And gave a mask to every person coming in without one. So virtuous I am.

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