4.007 yosemite, bolt?

Did the gym round first thing. Then at 9:10 I headed off to the Yosemite warehouse for a day of artifact work. The last time I went over there was June 30, day 3.210. Last time I was at Shustek, the other CHM storehouse, was in May. Somehow the days slipped by, with one thing and another preempting those volunteer locations.

Anyway everybody was welcoming, and Toni and I did a great job if I do say so, in packaging up and storing an original Magnavox Odyssey. The Odyssey was the first ever TV game console, predating Atari Pong by a few months. This one had all the many parts of the set, including 15 different translucent plastic sheets with different game patterns. You would put a sheet over the screen of your CRT television where it would nicely stick by static electricity, and create the playing field for tennis, or a ski run, or whatever. Then you plugged a module for that game into the console and you could play.

This was all in great condition, including an original Magnavox Odyssey TV, which had a push button to switch between the game and the VHF tuner. We packed all the small parts into a box, and I designed and made a custom platform out of cardboard to support the plastic sheets. I should have taken a picture. Too bad.

I should say that, sitting on a cart covered with foam sheet to keep dust off, was another new acquisition: the original laboratory prototype of the Apple Lisa. I will definitely take a picture of that next time I’m over there.

All during the day yesterday and today I have been having a running conversation via text, with Jenny, a sales person at Boardwalk Chevrolet. I started looking into getting a Bolt back on September 1 (day 3.263). I had pretty much let the matter drop since it seemed clear that Chevy was not making Bolts with the combination of options and color I wanted. Yesterday Jenny texted that one was being made and sent a link showing the car as “in transit” but verifying that it was “adreniline red” and had the adaptive cruise and infotainment package. Currently it is still in Michigan (or, I suspect, not even built yet) with no ETA. She’s going to contact me when she has an ETA.

This is sticking it to me. Do I really want to let go of the Prius plug-in? Ten years old but clean and shiny and runs great. And if so, how to dispose of it? Trade it in? Or private sale?

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