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Saturday 12/10/2022

First thing I walked over to the Apple store to buy a lightning-to-HDMI adapter. A resident wants to put the screen of her iPhone on the big 11th floor TV. I ordered a cheap lightning-to-HDMI adapter from Amazon and it came Thursday. Friday I tried it connecting my iPhone to my TV, and it didn’t work. Cheap Chinese-made knock-off crap. So now I got one from Apple at 2.5x the price. And it did work, in my apartment.

Met Mary Ann on the 11th and — it didn’t work. Some problem with the setup there. I sent her away disappointed and emailed for help from the tech squad.

Also I printed up the final London Bridges series prints: six big prints of various aspects of Tower Bridge, the one whose shape everybody knows. I’ll leave them up for a couple of weeks. Then what? Don’t know.

Started to do my annual charity donations, but the Charity Navigator website was behaving very oddly so I put that off, maybe in a couple days they will get it straightened out.

I spent an hour investigating travel options. I decided that none of the Road Scholar tours do what I want to do, which is go and marinate in one city for ten days or so. They have a couple of tours that are just one city (Paris, Florence) and they are attractive, but just too organized. Or something. I may change my mind on that. On the other hand when I look at the TripAdvisor page for a given city, say Barcelona, there’s plenty of stuff to make up a tour of my own.

At 6, after a sandwich in my room, I left for a concert, Voices of Music, six classical pieces at the Unitarian Church over on Charleston street. You know what? I don’t enjoy classical music that much. I can respect the obvious skill and effort, but respect isn’t enjoyment. I was bored. I think next year I won’t sign up for V of M again.

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