3.263 more hobbies, lecture

Thursday 09/01/2022

Started the day with a gym session. Actually did enough to feel tired.

Initiated a custom order for a Chevy Bolt. Last night, I walked up Homer ave. to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. On the way I noticed a new Chevy Bolt in their red paint, a very deep candy-red, parked by the curb. It really clicked with me; that was a car I could like. So today I went back to the Chevy website and configured a Bolt, as I had done a couple times last week when I started shopping. This time when it couldn’t find any close matches to my build (it seems no dealer nearby has one with any of my three must-have features: adaptive cruise control, the upgraded sound system, and the red color) I clicked “submit custom order” and indicated my preferred means of contact was email. Shortly got an email from “Jessica” at Boardwalk Chevy, to which I replied, but she hasn’t responded since. I also got a text and a phone call, each from a different sales person, which I ignored.

At 6:30 I left to attend a talk at CHM. This was to celebrate the 50th birthday of Smalltalk, featuring Dan Ingalls and Adele Goldberg. A couple of weeks ago a neighbor, Florrie, had asked me about this talk; she had seen the email from CHM (she’s a member) and recognized the name Dan Ingalls. She and her husband knew him and his wife in Vermont in the 80s? Something like that. But she decided not to accompany me. Which worked out well because Ingalls didn’t actually come. Due to a “recent bicycle accident” they said, he had to attend remotely. So Florrie couldn’t have met him anyway. Also convenient because it left me free to leave early, which I did, because it was really boring.

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