4.004 a/v, fopal

Monday 12/05/2022

First thing I went for the standard walk (thus, just under 4 miles for the day). This was the first time I took the full walk since I injured my leg on 11/16. The leg felt a little “stiff” or “tight” but I had no problem completing the full distance and it feels fine now. So, that episode is pretty well behind me, thank goodness.

Next up was to run a Book Talk session with zoom, scheduled for 11. Started setting up an hour before, using my new checklist. Ian joined me, so with talking through the checklist and explaining the steps to him, it took 45 minutes to get ready. But we were ready, except, “there’s always something.” In this case, it was the lapel mic for the speaker, which tested fine at 10:45, but when he was ready to go at 11, it didn’t work. Oops. Swap it out for another one, and off we go, and the event ran smoothly.

The speaker was Ron Katz, a retired attorney who has in retirement found a talent for writing cozy mysteries about a retired couple, the Bernie and Babs Silver. He doesn’t write full novels, but rather long short stories, all of which are available to read free at https://www.thesleuthingsilvers.com/. His aim is to get the characters picked up by a TV production company as a streaming series. He talked about the closed bubble of Hollywood productions, how nobody will talk to you unless you have an agent, and no agent will talk to you unless you have had something produced. He got around that by finding, within the Facebook group he developed, a guy who had an agent and TV writing credits, who was willing to be a co-writer with him on a “treatment” script.

After that I went down and spent 2 and a half hours processing computer books and getting my section ready for the upcoming sale weekend.

Back to CH for a very short nap and then down to supper right at 5, because this first Monday of the month is the “mixer” night. Mixer night, you draw a table number from a hat as you come in, so theoretically you will be eating with people you don’t normally do. OK, it was people I knew well.

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