4.003 hobbies, swbb

Sunday 12/04/2022

In the morning I put an hour into one of those back-burner tasks, pictures. I have a folder where for I drop pictures that I want to keep. We can talk about why I would want to keep them, as in keep them for what, exactly?, some other time. Anyway, there’s 30 or 40 pictures in there, which need to be moved into the more-or-less-organized subject folders for permanent storage. And for an hour I did that, deleting some and moving others.

Pretty soon it was time to join the carpool to the SWBB game versus Gonzaga. Gonzaga is currently ranked 23rd in the country (Stanford ranking #2) and always give us a respectable game. Unfortunately for them, they have had a rash of injuries lately and three of the usual starters couldn’t play. The remaining team put up a good fight but eventually couldn’t keep up.

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