4.005 meeting, stuff

Tuesday 12/06/2022

I went down to the gym and did the machines. Then I worked on the to-do list. Trouble with it was, I kept thinking of things to add to it. But I cleared some items. I updated my spreadsheet of assets for the November results. (I’m still well to do.) I processed the video of yesterday’s lecture and sent a link to the speaker and to Lennie for posting on our website.

I edited the A/V checklist to reflect what I’d learned yesterday, and sent it out to my team. That was the checklist for setting up the hardest kind of event, where there is a speaker who has slides to show. Later I updated the next version, the same thing but for a speaker who will not be showing slides.

Then it was time for the writers group. Again I had nothing to contribute. Just listened to what other people had written on the theme of “Joy”. I think the piece I liked best was a very short one by Peter, who is currently quarantined with Covid. He basically said, there’s no joy going on in my life, it’s all boring.

I went out in the car and bought a moisture meter for the plants, and some 9-volt and AAA batteries. My old moisture meter had died two weeks back. I was supposed to remember to get a new one on my way home from FOPAL yesterday but of course I forgot. I took the batteries, and a battery tester, down to the auditorium, and replaced the batteries in the hearing-aid-loop tester and the two wireless mouse devices that we use.

That was about it. Fed the hummingbirds. Watched a lot of youtube videos, trying to clear the backlog that have accumulated.

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