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Saturday 12/03/2022

Four years now since I began my “transition to codger-dom”. Maybe I’ve made it? I’m certainly comfortable in my life as a bachelor. Today, Dennis stood me to a very nice lunch at Il Fornaio. Walking back, he was remembering some of the major events he had known in Palo Alto, and it struck me how much tougher a life he has had compared to mine. I’ve had an extremely smooth, comfortable, emotionally stable life compared to him. Compared to most people, I imagine. Lucky in a lot of ways.

This morning I scratched out a fairly lengthy list of things I wanted to get done, some easy little errands, some large projects that have been languishing on the back burner. I made some progress on a couple, including printing up pictures of the next London bridge. This was a shot of the Cannon Street railway bridge, which in 1977, when we took the pictures, was a deep smoke brown, almost black, with a few low buildings behind it. I knew that couldn’t be how it was now, so I got on the internet and found a contemporary pic. Yup. The brick towers beside it aren’t black, but a nice clean pink brick color; the bridge itself is a medium green, and there are huge new buildings in the background.

All of which made me kind of nostalgic for London again. That done, I walked the mile round trip to Whole Foods to get some bread. This walk was through steady rain! There are hopeful signs that our drought, even longer than the pandemic, was finally breaking. We had a decent day of rain on Thursday, and today it rained steadily from before 6am until sundown.

Anyway Dennis arrived and we walked through the rain to the restaurant,and back. I told him I was going to take a nap, but somehow I never got around to it. Instead I worked on another item on the to-do list, preparing a detailed check-list for setting up an Auditorium event. It took a couple of hours to finish. I’ll test it on Monday when I run an event.

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