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Friday 12/02/2022

OK, it’s my birthday, and I appreciate the people who’ve wished me well. I’m fortunate to have some many well-wishers. Not only my birthday, but a round number: 80.

I have not stressed birthdays for some time, partly because I didn’t really feel any meaning in it, but also in recent years because it was also the day Marian died. But again, 80 is a nice number and good wishes are always nice to get.

Anyway, what I did for my birthday was, first thing, out the door to Costco. I had the customer service person make me a new member card. I threw the ID card away a couple years ago after I decided that I wasn’t getting any use from it.

Then I walked 20 feet to the Optician counter. In 20 minutes I had picked out a pair of frames very much like my current frames, and the very pleasant and competent optician Andrea had measured my pupil distance and so on, and I had paid $240 for new glasses. (Roughly half what I paid last time at Menlo Optical.) It will be 10 days to make the lenses, just as with every other place I checked.

Back to CH and took a tech call to help Susan and Harry again. Two problems. An email problem was easily resolved. But the other problem was to make work a set of wireless headphones for hearing the television. This I failed on. One major problem was that the TV was fixed to the wall with minimal space between the back of the TV and the wall. So it was literally impossible to read the legends on the various jacks on the back, to know for sure which were the audio output. I found a picture of the back of a similar model on the internet. Based on that I plugged the audio cable to the headphone’s base station into what I hoped were the right jacks. But no sound came out of them. I deferred to the house IT staff.

I had an early lunch and left for the museum where I was supposed to lead a tour for a group from Meta. They were due at 1:30 and when they hadn’t shown up by 2, I had the staff call their contact. Oh, sorry, “something came up” and they aren’t coming. So, back home in time to join Lennie in the auditorium, to give moral support as she set up for a zoom event.

This event was a compilation of Christmas and Hanukkah music assembled by Bonny Weiss, a performer who has been to CH before, apparently, though not in my memory. The show was well crafted, but it went on too long. Lennie had wanted to put the zoom session (Bonny was remote on zoom) on the big screen to encourage people to come to the auditorium. Only a dozen or so did, and most had drafted away before the end of the show.

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