3.364 cyst, eyes, av

Thursday 12/01/2022

Note I am numbering this post with the number it should have. Sometime in the past six months I slipped a tens-digit and I don’t feel like looking back to find the mistake. Also certainly don’t feel like editing all the titles since then. This is next-to-last for the year, #364, period.

Well the mystery of the unsolicited Amazon package was solved: it was a birthday present from Laurel! Amazon messed up and didn’t send me the one with gift wrap and a card, just a bare box with a product, a custom hair clipper. So I thought… well. Never mind..

Anyway, off at 8 to Sequoia hospital to have my cyst drained. Dr. Tamrazi is cool, I like him. He did the drainage back in early 2021. It was a more involved procedure than I remembered from then, but still no big thing. Local anesthetic, 15 minutes on the table, two 500cc bags of whiskey-colored juice removed. Put your clothes on and leave.

At 1pm I was at PAMF for an eye exam. Now I have a new prescription. Where to get glasses made promptly? I drove over to University ave and tried Lenscrafters and Site for Sore Eyes, which are a block apart. Both quoted a week and a half. The optometrist at PAMF suggested Costco. I will try that tomorrow, although it would mean renewing my membership which I let lapse a long time ago.

At 2:30 I met with Lennie in the auditorium to practice setting up for her event, a zoom-based performance of christmas music tomorrow. The performer, Bonnie, will be remote on zoom, but Lennie wants to use the Zoom Room equipment to put her on the big screen so people can watch there, as well as from their rooms.

At 6pm I met with Joanne and Erica and Lennie and Rich for a dinner party arranged by Joanne. So, full day.

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