3.351 walk, appointment, fopal

Monday 11/28/2022

First thing, I went for a walk. My leg did not want to go the full distance (2.8 miles for the day) but I did a 2-ish mile loop. Walking a bit slower and shorter steps than normal it felt pretty good. Gonna be normal pretty soon. Walking around in the evening, it felt darn near normal, i.e. I walked to the elevator and didn’t think about the leg at all.

Back by 9:30 and it was time to do something about the glasses. Dennis called with a pointer to a place that repairs glasses, but they are in San Jose. I was going to call and see if they could fix mine while I waited, but decided first to settle the issue of when I could get an exam. With an updated prescription I could just order new lenses and frames, and if that was soon enough, I could make do with the masking tape fix.

So I called the optometry group at PAMF and waited on hold for 27 MINUTES and gave up. Better use of my time would be to go there, so I did. Drove over, parked, found my way to second floor of Jamplis bldg, stood in line for just two minutes, and was able to make an appointment for Thursday. Yay!

Went on down to FOPAL and processed a bunch of books. When I clean out my section after a sale, sending everything that has seen 4 sale days to the bargain room, I always worry if the empty spaces will fill up again. But they are filling nicely.

Back home. Went down at 5:40 for supper, didn’t see anybody I wanted to sit with and nothing on the menu I wanted, so I quietly exited back to my room. Remembering on the way, that I had the box of leftover pasta from Saturday. Heated that up, it was delicious. Heck with socializing.

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