3.352 meeting, dentist

Tuesday 11/29/2022

Did the gym round on the machines, starting only a bit later than before, 7:45 instead of 7:15, but it worked, there was nobody else around to get in my way.

Printed another bridge picture and rotated my gallery display. There are only 3 more bridges in the series. I plan to end up with both picture rails full of various views of Tower Bridge, the iconic one. I’ve been thinking, I could put together quite a nice slide show, ken-burns the shit out of those pictures. If Stew needs a Sunday At Home topic I might propose that.

Writers meeting. The topic was “my qualities that have helped me through difficulty”. I didn’t feel like being introspective — and anyway my life has been so fortunate I’ve never had to fight through any great difficulty — so I didn’t write anything. Others did but none really striking.

This is really fix up the old carcass week. Today at 3 I went over to the dentist and had a simple cavity filled. Thursday, the kidney cyst and an eye exam. Today: no anesthetic, 20 minutes in the chair, $400. Supposedly my new IBM Medicare Advantage plan would have covered that, but it doesn’t kick in until 1/1/23. I made the dental appointment before I knew about the IBM plan, and it never occurred to me to postpone it.

In the category of TMI, I have had some issues with constipation the last few months. I think there is a possibility it might be related to the renal cyst. I’m looking forward to the drainage of that, which comes up Thursday. Anyway, I have been trying adding a fiber product to my breakfast shakes, and it has had some good results. Except this morning I used the last of what I had, and the order of more has gone into Fedex “in transit” limbo. So now I went looking for the product where the manufacturer says it is stocked. First my local Whole Foods. Then over to California ave to Molly Stone grocery and then to Country Sun. Nope. Then down to Whole Foods in Los Altos where at least I found my favorite beer.

I’m going to go down to sample a concert in the auditorium. Local jazz pianist and local vocalist. Dubious.

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