3.350 glasses, docent, SWBB

Sunday 11/27/2022

When I picked up my glasses to clean them, which I do every morning right after toweling off from my shower, the left lens fell out in my hand. Huh? The frame had broken, the metal snapped just above the middle. So that became a priority issue right away. I dressed and went down to the basement to get my soldering iron from my toolbox in my storage cage. Brought it up and, no go. The metal of the frame didn’t want to hold solder. I tried a drop of superglue. Nope. So I fell back on a little strip of masking tape, which did the job for now.

You like the “meta” here? Glasses photographed over the blog about glasses? Huh?

I had a docent tour at 12, so I put on my red shirt and headed out at 10. Over to University avenue to LensCrafters. Nope. The guy there said there was no way any of the hundreds of frames on display would fit my lenses. There’s no such thing as standardization in frames, apparently. It has been a year and a half since I had an eye exam, so I put in a request for an exam appointment at PAMF. Probably Monday I’ll hear when that will be. Hopefully the masking tape can hold up for a few weeks.

Off to CHM, led about a dozen people on a tour. Back home. Called up George M and clarified some things about the three (!) upcoming events he is sponsoring.

Then it was time for the SWBB game from Hawai’i. Supposedly that was on TV. Hah. It was on ESPN+, which is a $10 a month subscription thing. I listened to the audio stream instead.

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