3.349 indulgences, tech

Saturday 11/26/2022

Indulged in some food today. I walked (2.6 miles total) ending at the downtown farmers market for the first time in months. Bought a chocolate hazlenut swirl, also 2 lbs of dried apricots. Ate on that sucker.

There was a SWBB game, second day of the Hawai’i tournament, at 2pm. Only audio. They romped. I’m glad I didn’t travel to the tournament.

At 4pm I met with David M. and Lennie in the auditorium, and we walked through the process of initiating and running an event using the Zoom Room tech. David M will be running a real event on the 30th. Lennie late in December.

I decided to continue the food indulgences by taking myself out to supper. I drove over to Mike’s in midtown. They have really good pasta. I had a plate of some kind of pasta shape I can’t even spell, with pesto and sausage, it was excellent. Also, as I’d known it would be, a very large serving so I brought half home in a box.

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