3.345 meeting, writing

Tuesday 11/22/2022

Used the gym in the morning. The days I want to do it, Tues/Thurs early, are not well chosen. Harry and Susan and Larry are all in there. I am going to try going half an hour later, 8am instead of 7:30, in future.

Anyway, I found out which specific exercise twinges my injured hip. It’s the leg-lift, where you bring your leg up against a weight load. Others, including pedaling the cyber cycle, no problem. Also, this evening, I was walking around downstairs for several minutes not even thinking about the hip, so it is definitely mending.

The writers group met at 10:30. The cue this week was “a perfect day”. All I could come up with was what I had written for the same group, way back in July 2021 (https://codgerville.net/2020/07/08/1-219-writers-fopal-model/) so I read that again.

With nothing more on the schedule I went and got in the car, and drove down to the P.A. Cafe at Midtown, and sat at a table there for an hour plus, writing on the novel. Mostly extending the synopsis/outline and adding notes on a twist I thought up at about 2am this morning. There is just a staggering amount of work left to do. I get very daunted thinking about what has to be done to finish it.

Had dinner with Marcia and Kent and Sandy.

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