3.346 docent

Wednesday 11/23/2022

So the big activity today was to lead a docent tour for 9 of my neighbors. This had been set up and arranged by Barbara B., who arranges museum outings and other such day trips. The museum entrance fee is paid by Channing House directly, and billed to the monthly fee of each person who attends. In order to keep the group small I had specified we would use the small bus, which holds 9 plus the driver. I’m doing a second one next week. There was a wait list on the sign-up sheets for both trips.

The bus left at 1. I led my tour from 1:30 to 2:30, then people had a few minutes to hit the gift shop or bathroom before the 1401 demo at 3. Everybody was very enthusiastic and complimented me a lot on the presentation.

My leg/hip held up very well. It’s almost better.

Oh. The number in the title. Something is wrong. Somewhere back there I messed up. The official year of this blog ends on 12/2; 12/3/2018 was “day zero”. So today should be day 3.356 not 3.346. Oh well.

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