3.344 meeting, managing

Monday 11/21/2022

Tried going for a walk. Nope, the hip isn’t ready. No pain or problem sitting, lying down, or standing; only when actually swinging the leg.

At 10:30 it was the Event Coordinator’s meeting. I noted all the events for December in the magic A/V spreadsheet and almost all are covered. So probably I won’t have to hold a team meeting this month, which will please everybody I think. Spent a couple hours in the afternoon emailing people and making schedules and stuff.

After the meeting I went down to FOPAL, where I found a couple of boxes of books to process, and spent an hour doing sorting just for fun.

And only now at 7pm do I realize, I meant to attend Rhonda’s open meeting at 4, and I completely forgot. Just blew right past it. And I was interested, she was supposed to present some of the pictures taken by the professional photographers last month. Crap.

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