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Wednesday 11/16/2022

Went for a the walk in the morning. Then got through a number of tasks. I did the laundry. I edited the video of the zoom recording of the Trust Seminar, and put it on a thumb drive, and left that in Lennie’s mail cubby. I called Kass and verified she was ok with running the movie on Saturday; then put the DVD for the movie in her mail cubby.

I read the “quick start” pamphlet for the IBM medicare advantage plan that starts on 1/1/23. Then I signed in to the website, which was a little unsettling. My current, and soon to be previous, Medicare Supplement plan is with the same company, United Healthcare, and when I try to log in to the special IBM web portal, it recognizes my name and password and logs me in to the AARP Supplement page. I guess I will wait until 1/2/23 and hopefully then it will go to the right place. If not, I’ll have to call customer support.

I signed up to do a docent tour on Saturday. I printed a couple more bridge pictures, it had been a couple of weeks since I changed my gallery outside. Speaking of the gallery outside, the museum in Eureka has shipped the painting I bought and it should arrive tomorrow.

At 1pm it was time for the monthly FOPAL zoom meeting. The sale weekend just past netted $19,000. Not bad.

At 4pm I went down to set up a microphone for use by the people running the entertainment for the monthly Birthday Dinner. They had set up an electronic piano in the doorway between the auditorium and the dining room. I was chatting with the couple of people there, while I turned to walk past the piano back into the auditorium. I caught my left foot in the cord, so I couldn’t swing the left leg forward for the next step. Falling forward I yanked my left leg, pulling the muscle in my left glute. Fell on the floor with a severe pain in the ass.

The nurses came and I found I could stand up and walk, with care. An hour later Dennis called to see how I was. The nurses had called my next of kin to report a fall.

At 7pm I was back in the auditorium to run the AV for Dr. Margaret’s talk on end of life issues. Almost everything went smoothly. We lost the first 30 seconds of audio on the zoom recording, but that was it.

So a busy productive day.

One thought on “3.339 stuff, meeting, fall, tech

  1. Not a fall!!!! Oh no! I do hope you don’t suffer any after muscle pains or stress!
    I’ve fallen several times- balance isn’t what it was- but seem like it’s always a little shock to the body- love you- laurel


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