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Tuesday 11/15/2022

Went down the gym early, just at 7, and found 5 other people there. Gym isn’t that big. Actually there was plenty of room; the real bottleneck is the third of the three computerized machines. Number 1 does 2 exercises, number 2 offers only one, and number 3 has 5 different exercises. Susan was on number 3, so I went and rode the cyber cycle and then Harry was on number 3, and the heck with it, I left.

At 8:30 I was down to the auditorium with Bert and John to do a tech walk-through of Dr. Margaret’s talk for Wednesday night. It’s going to be a good talk.

I went away for an hour and then came back with both my laptops, because I was to run the tech for a presentation on trusts and such, sponsored by the Heritage Circle. There were two presenters, each with a powerpoint on a thumb drive. I copied the presentations to mac #2 which shared its screen to provide the slides to zoom and the big screen. Mac #1 was the zoom host. The auditorium Zoom Room PC had recovered from whatever was its issue on Monday morning, and behaved itself.

Everything hung together and there was only one glitch. Presenter Jeff had supplied his own wireless clicker to advance his slides. Presenter Kimberly used it also, but had never used it before. Going to her second slide she clicked some button on that clicker, that made Keynote on mac #2 just close its window. Ooops. “Did I do that?” Kimberly said. I am scrambling to find Keynote and get it to open the slide file again, and go back to sharing its screen. So, 30 seconds of panic and we were back on track.

Anyway, a major 90-minute AV event that was almost flawless. Here’s my work area,

Clockwise from the bottom: Mac#2, sound board, Sound system iPad, Zoom Room PC, Mac#1, Zoom Room control iPad.

My view of Kimberly and the audience.

That was all the excitement for the day.

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