3.337 meeting, urologist, fopal

Monday 11/14/2022

First up was the Resident Association meeting at 9am. When I got to the auditorium at 8:30, David G. and IT staffer Paul were struggling with the zoom room box, the box that has made running zoom meetings so much more straightforward. Not today. Whenever they tried to get the box to join the scheduled meeting it would report an “unknown error”, always the best kind of error message.

As time ticked on to 9am, David G opted to do it the old way, pulling all the cables out of the zoom box and plugging them into his laptop. That worked more or less well to get the meeting started, although zoom attendees were complaining they weren’t getting sound, although I’m pretty sure they were, or at least, that sound was being sent out of the zoom host. Didn’t matter because then the wi-fi in the auditorium got flaky and the zoom app in David G’s laptop disconnected and closed the meeting. So we were down to auditorium only.

Which made it awkward for me, when, 15 minutes into the meeting, it was my turn to give my pitch for getting new recruits for the AV committee. Well, I gave it anyway.

Then I headed out for my 10:30 appointment with Dr. Lee, the urologist at PAMF. We looked at my most recent CT scan, as more informative than the more recent ultrasound, and he showed me the left kidney. Kidneys are shaped a lot like shrimps in general outline, although quite a bit bigger. Super-jumbo soft-shelled shrimps. Except my left kidney is like a shrimp santa claus with a huge pack of toys on its back, several times as big as the kidney proper.

He argued against doing an operation, mainly because of all the work I’ve had done on my heart and circulation. He just didn’t like the idea of general anesthesia for someone my age and condition, at least, for a problem as relatively small as a cyst. He recommended getting it drained again, as it took 18 months to refill. Well, at least 12 months. So that is what we will be doing.

From there I went to FOPAL and did the post-sale thing. Took a book count (50 books sold, or at least, vanished, from my section in last week’s sale) then looked at every book and put all the ones (two boxes worth) that had seen four sales, on the table to ship to the bargain room. Priced one box.

Bought coffee and cheese and bread and came on home.

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