3.329 walk, lolling

Sunday 11/06/2022

“Fall back” day. So of course I wake up at the same time as yesterday, only now that is 5:05am. I have three clocks, no four, that need manual setting. Marian’s gold retirement clock on my desk; my Seiko watch; the microwave; and oh yes, the house phone.

Did some chores, one of which was the monthly recap of the Nest Egg. This means, looking at the Schwab brokerage statements for my several Schwab accounts (it’s complicated), copying the totals into a spreadsheet. The original spreadsheet was designed by Marian, who greatly enjoyed running the total each month and telling me how much we were worth. I took that over back on Day 56, 1/25/2019, when I wrote,

… Marian had created the first of these annual sheets beginning in 1997(!), using AppleWorks(!).  Then each year she’d copied it, zeroed the data, and started a new one. At some point a decade ago she converted to Numbers, Apple’s current spreadsheet, which caused some oddities in the formulae and formatting. Rather than try to copy the sheet and zero the values for the new year, I elected to make a completely new spreadsheet, following her design but from scratch with no legacy code.

It only takes about 15 minutes to make all the entries. Bottom line, the Nest Egg is up about 8% from the prior month. Unfortunately that still leaves it 9% down from the start of the year. But a nice improvement.

At this point I felt a pang of get-out-of-the-house-itis, so headed out to walk to the California ave. market. There I had a nice coffee and scone. I took a Lyft back (still almost 3 miles for the day) and lounged around working on the software project. Back in ’15 I had prepared a folder full of unit tests, and I started running them.

I didn’t feel like going to supper, so made myself a tuna salad sandwich and sat around watching TV.

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