3.330 a/v, fopal, meeting, swbb

Monday 11/07/2022

My main concern this morning was that I was to run an event in the Auditorium, a speaker with slides and a zoom component. Should be straightforward, but of course, my motto is, “there’s always something” — and there was. I went down there at 9, 2 hours before the event.

First off, the automatic scheduling of the zoom meeting didn’t work. Theoretically, when I scheduled the meeting two days ago and “invited” the auditorium equipment with an email to its address, the scheduled meeting should have showed up on a little iPad used to control the equipment. It didn’t. Not critical, I can work around it.

Second, the projector that puts the speaker’s slides on the big screen — wasn’t getting a signal. Check all the cables, unplug and replug — no signal. Gerald the staff IT guy came in and unplugged and replugged. No signal. No need to go into details. The projector was not going to work. Gerald and Paul very cleverly then brought in the large rolling TV and set it up at the front of the room, and magically made it appear to be the projector. I really don’t know how they achieved that.

The speaker, Robin Chapman, a nice woman, author of several books about the history of silicon valley, came in and was chill about all the failures going on. Then it turned out that Gloria, the person who was to introduce her, wasn’t around. Turned out she had thought the event was in the evening. But I called her and luckily found her in her room and she came right down. So in the end the talk came off just fine.

So off to FOPAL to finish up stocking my section before the sale this coming weekend. That took until 2. I stopped at the grocery store for some stuff, then back to CH pretty much on time for a 3pm meeting. A real meeting, not on Zoom.

This is the nominating committee, charged with finding a slate of willing victims excuse me, candidates, for Resident Association offices, for the election next February. Starting early? A bit. Committee of five went over a lot of names and I found out about various people’s problems that I hadn’t known. People kept bringing up names and other people saying, oh no, she has serious health problems, he’s getting forgetful, etc. I learned that I am completely out of the loop on local gossip.

Time for a short nap and then downstairs at 5 for early supper. Then meet the usual car-pool at 6:15 and off to a SWBB game. This was with San Diego State, a division I team and a bit more of a challenge than Vanguard. But only a bit; we still ended up doubling their score, 80-40 or something like that. Never mind, nobody got hurt and everybody got to play.

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