3.328 tech, docent, tech

Saturday 10/05/2022

First thing to do in the morning was to take a tech squad call to Jerry (a woman) whose iMac, iPhone, and iPad were all supposedly unusable for different reasons. On the iMac, she “can’t read her email.” She gets email via the web from AOL. Firefox is hung up on some kind of AOL error message that can’t be dismissed. I force-quit Firefox and restart it, and all is well. We talk about some issues managing bookmarks etc.

Then to the iPhone. Well darn, now it is working fine. As is the iPad. My intense tech presence has fixed everything.

At 11 I go to the museum to lead my 2nd docent tour of the week. About 15 people, nicely appreciative.

At 4pm I meet with Lennie in the auditorium and she gets fully trained in proving simple microphone support for an event.

I have supper with Patty, Edie and Eva.

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