3.327 uncommitted Friday

Friday 10/04/2022

First day in a long time with no commitments on my Google Calendar. I spent most of it in a blissful haze doing programming on my app. Yeah I know, it’s all wasted effort, but I got a lot done.

I was to meet with Lennie to train her in Microphones 101, so she could do an event on Monday. However when we got in the auditorium we found John and Francis hard at work rehearsing an event they are running, and having some technical issues. I had nothing to contribute to that. So Lennie and I had a verbal training session and will meet again tomorrow, I think.

At 3 I decided I didn’t want a nap after all, and drove down to FOPAL where I found 5 boxes of books to cull and price. Glad I went because if I had waited to my normal Monday visit there would have been a real mountain.

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