3.323 doctor, tech, fopal

Monday 10/31/2022

First order of business was an 8am video appointment with my doctor. Background: for a long time I’ve had a benign cyst on my kidney. Following the various CTs and ultrasounds I’ve had for other reasons, the radiologist’s report always mentioned it and its diameter in centimeters. Back around the end of 2020 it was up to 15cm in diameter, over 6 inches, and I started noticing its effect, mainly in my appetite, and I had it drained (day 2.238, 8/28/21).

I’ve been noticing similar effects lately so I had requested an appointment. The earliest office appointment was in December but I could get a video one today. Julia and I talked about the cyst and my symptoms, and she ordered an ultrasound. After that I will probably go and talk to the urologist I saw before. It turns out there is a laparoscopic procedure to reduce such cysts. I hadn’t known that; I thought the only surgical option was to open the abdomen, which is more of an operation than I want to get into.

Anyway my appointment for that ultrasound is the 10th. And the instructions are, one hour before I have to drink 24oz of liquid and if possible not pee until after the exam. Oooookay then.

At 9:30 I met with Ian in the auditorium to go over something about projecting a Blu-Ray movie that he hadn’t known. Between that and the doctor I completely forgot to go for the usual walk.

I went down to FOPAL and processed three boxes of book — computer book donations are rather light this month so far — and did some sorting too by way of penance for not walking.

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