3.322 busy Sunday

Sunday 10/30/2022

After watering the plants and doing the puzzle… actually not doing the puzzle, it was extremely tricky and I had to look at the solution to finish it … it was nine-ish. I had received a Tech Squad dispatch in the night. Carol with a printer jam. I like Carol a lot and knew she was the type to be up early on a Sunday, so I called her and she said, come on up. She had an old-ish HP laserjet with a broken paper tray (“but it works”) however she regards it with suspicion because “It was Ray’s printer” (her late husband). Anyway, she claimed it had started printing multiple pages from what should have been a one-page file. So not knowing how to cancel a job, she turned power off, and then it had a piece of paper jammed in it.

I pulled the paper out, and — only because I’d checked a youtube video before calling her — I knew to pull out the toner cartridge and check for more jams. There weren’t. Then we tested it and it was fine, actually it prints really fast and cleanly. I pointed to a button on top with a red X in a circle and I hypothesized that was the cancel button, so we printed a two-page file and hit the red X and sure enough, it canceled the second page.

My guess would be that the unexpected multiple pages were because she had accidentally printed the wrong file, or had accidentally set the print dialog to multiple copies. Anyway, problem solved.

At 10 I went to the Auditorium to join Bert as he was setting up for the big Appreciation Fund kick-off party coming Wednesday. (There is No Tipping at Channing House, but each year the residents (not the staff) run an Appreciation Fund drive, encouraging contributions from everyone to a Fund which is then disbursed to staff members at Christmas. Recommended donation, well, however much you feel you want to tip on one day, times 365.) Anyway, we worked through a couple of problems he was having projecting slides and a video.

He had a video of a dance group doing a very clever and amusing routine to “Stayin’ Alive” (here it is) except, the YT version has several inexplicable freeze-frame gaps in it. So I took it from him on a USB stick, and fired up iMovie and edited out the gaps and gave it back to him later.

At 2pm I met with David G. He had gotten a lesson from Gerald on Friday and thought he knew how to schedule meetings in the zoom room. Well, we tried several times and it didn’t work. But that killed an hour.

I’ve written about the miraculous Topaz AI for photos (3.278) so I downloaded the trial copy of Topaz AI for videos and tried it on the dance video. However it didn’t make any detectable difference that I could see.

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