2.238 drained

Monday 08/02/2021

First thing, off to Sequoia Hospital radiation department. After being registered — I was told to bring proof of vaccination, which I did, but they never asked for it — I got into a back-opening gown and had to lie down on my stomach, on the sled of the CT scanner.

They took one scan, and tested the ultrasound, and then the doctor went to work. There was the quick nip of a needle injecting lidocain on my back, just below the bottom rib on the left side. Then there was a general sense of pushing and wiggling, which was him getting close to the cyst. From there on, there were no more sensations.

Shortly the fluid started flowing. After a few minutes he called for another bag. “There, that’s 500cc.” And a while later it was, “Still coming, another bag please.” Eventually I filled three bags, 1450cc, or three pints of liquid that looked a lot like my favorite amber ale.

Then I got up, put my clothes on, and headed on home. Well, not quite. When I saw the doctor in his office last Wednesday, I had walked away from my hat. I’d called in and they were keeping the hat for me. So first stop was the doctor’s office, just up the hill past the hospital, to get my hat. The home.

Took off pants and shirt and weighed myself: exactly 3 pounds lighter than I had been at 7am. Took my blood pressure: 108! But 3 hours later it was 138. So not sure what the story is there. I was quite hungry for lunch and again for supper, although I didn’t eat any larger quantity than I have been doing. I really don’t feel any different.

Wrote a short thing for tomorrow’s writers group.

I have put the Chrysler on hold for a few days, pending arrival of some paint. The entire interior is done in this off-white color, seats, dash, doors, like in this picture.

This is a real car. The model won’t be quite that detailed.

I have no paint that cream color, so have ordered a couple of bottles of “ivory”. Orders from hobby stores take days to arrive.

At supper, neighbor Gloria was talking about not being sure about her Mac’s time machine backups, so I volunteered to look. Went to her place and yes, time machine working just fine, but that led to another question and another. Spent an hour trying to answer her questions. Quite often I couldn’t. I am clueless about iCloud drive, for example, and about Mail. Which are two things every mac user around here has problems with.

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