3.313 tech, wedding

Friday 10/21/2022

Went for a walk. Back in plenty of time for another meeting with Gerald from IT in the auditorium to once again try to understand the Zoom Room setup they have created. It does appear to package all the complicated setup we have been doing, to create a hybrid event. Jerry, David M., David G., and I practiced with it.

At 3pm I went up to 11 and set up for my small part in the “wedding” of Prunella and Brewski, the 4th floor’s special edition of a monthly TGIF. A lot of people were really into it, and dressed up as for a wedding, several bringing their own stuffed animals as guests to the wedding of two stuffed animals. Here are a few pics.

Rhonda, CH CEO, officiated. The couple swore to stick together “until our stuffing falls out”.

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