3.312 a/v stuff mostly

Thursday 10/20/2022

Oh, only a couple of days until the date is 10/22/2022. That’ll be exciting. Went down to the gym first thing. Later I went out shopping.

At last night’s presentation, Dr. Margaret would have no truck with powerpoint or such. Instead she stood at a whiteboard and drew little sketches. In setting up for this event, we had a nice whiteboard but it turned out that (of course) all the dry-erase markers on it were failing. I scrounged around in the last 15 minutes before she started and found two adequate pens in the training room on the second floor. But I determined we would not be caught with dry pens again. She has another talk scheduled in November, and we have another frequent speaker who like to use the whiteboard.

So task 1 today was to stock up on dry-erase pens for the AV team’s exclusive use. I went over to Staples and found a nice set of what should be fairly bold markers. I also stopped at Ace Hardware and got two more rolls of wide blue masking tape, which we use to tape down extension cords and such.

If anyone wants to hear the talk, it’s here: https://vimeo.com/762443388

In the afternoon we had the rehearsal for the “wedding” on Friday. I can’t believe how elaborate a charade Stew is organizing. Anyway, I set up the mic and provided the recorded music on cue.

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