3.314 shipyard

Saturday 10/22/2022

For fun today I drove up to Hunter’s Point former shipyard to the Shipyard Artists Fall Open Studio day. I went to the Spring open day this March (3.149), and also way back in May 2019 (day 154, or 0.154 as it ought properly to be numbered).

(Parenthetically that day 154 post has one of my better musings on widower status ((double-paren, there really ought to be a single word for the state of having lost a life partner. There’s no reason any more to gender it. Once there were economic consequences, the situation of a widow was different, usually more pathetic, than that of a widower. But that’s not relevant now; and anyway, lots of people have life partners of their same gender. OK, there’s “bereavement” but I don’t like it. It’s a long, awkward word that sounds like you are avoiding the subject. Anyway, how would you call a bereaved person, a “bereaver”?)) and also that post recounted the first time I saw Carol Aust’s painting, “Eight Pelicans”, which I still regret not buying. I would have bought it but I dithered too long and lost it.)

ANYway, I took some pictures while I was there and put them in a smugmug gallery.

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