3.311 laundry, meeting, event

Wednesday 10/19/2022

Went for a walk while my first load of laundry ran. Finished the laundry and had lunch. Was impolite at lunch, sitting at the “open table” with others, but spent the entire time on my phone.

Why? Because remember I have these music pieces on the phone, for playing during Stew’s “wedding”. And one of them, the famous Canon in D, has about 3 seconds of silence at the start and I would like to trim that. So: you have your supercomputer in hour hand, it has a small audio file, you would like to edit this file, on your phone you also have your free copy of Apple’s Garageband app, which is an audio editor. Can you get a piece of music out of the Music app into the Garageband app? Well, there is an Apple support page that claims to show how, but in fact nothing it shows about Garageband matches what the Garageband app on the phone offers. So that was lunch.

Out of boredom I drove down to FOPAL. There were no computer books to price, so I did an hour of sorting.

At 7:30 we had an excellent talk by my 6th floor neighbor, Dr. Margaret. When the recording of the meeting is up I will link it here. She spoke about the physical effects of aging on the body, and she was both informative and very funny.

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