3.310 meeting, tech squared, dinner

Tuesday 10/18/2022

Went to the gym in the morning. Veronica was training another resident on the machines so I only got one round. Did a couple of miles on the cyber cycle instead.

For the writers group I read a piece of the novel in progress, the piece I really wrote two weeks ago. But by exposing this work in progress, I hope to keep myself motivated.

Next job was to get the music for Stew’s pretend wedding under control. There are three pieces of music he wants played on cue, and possibly two others, depending on whether the person who is supposed to play those pieces on an actual organ, is able to.

Stew had found the music he wanted as Youtube videos, and his idea was to have them cued up on a web browser on a laptop connected to this little speaker. But that’s kind of a clunky interface, especially if YT decides to make you watch 5 seconds of a commercial when it is your cue to play the music. So I decided to download this music and if possible, put it on my phone.

Which I was able to do with quite a lot of video. There are dozens of “video download” apps and extensions for Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately none of them work with YT. Google changed YT in the recent past to make downloading impossible, or more difficult. I was able to get around this to capture just the audio. Then moved it to the Music app on the laptop, and from there to the Music app on the phone. Then I went up to 11 and plugged the phone into the little speaker and it worked.

I also helped Grace with her iPhone.

For dinner, I had a table with Joanne, Patty, and Jerry. Nice group.

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