3.309 class, fopal, tech, meeting

Monday 10/17/2022

Went for the standard walk. At ten, met with Jerry, Bert, David G and Ian in the auditorium, to have Gerald of the IT staff explain the new Zoom Room setup the staff have created, for running zoom meetings. I didn’t absorb some of the details. David G., who will be running a meeting tonight, stayed after and practiced, to good effect it turned out.

I headed down to FOPAL to process books, only four boxes but quite a few saleable books, including one textbook that is currently going for $300 on amazon and ebay. That’s always a fun find. I also fielded a phone call — whoever is nearest the phone and willing, answers it — and helped a guy who is downsizing and has, he guessed, about 50 boxes of books to donate.

Back to CH and at 2:30, met with Bert and Stew on the 11th floor to help plan how to do the AV for Stew’s pretend “wedding” this coming Friday. For their TGIF, the Fourth Floor is doing a pretend wedding between two stuffed animals. Gag me with a spoon. However, Stew has talked CEO Rhonda into “officiating” at the mock wedding and he is very concerned about getting the microphones and the recorded music (and the live music) to work right.

I ordered a B.L.A.T. sandwich and chef’s salad from the kitchen and ate in my room. At 6:30 I went down to assist David G with his event: two people from the League of Women Voters going over all the propositions on the ballot. The presentation of the props was ok. Technically the new setup worked very smoothly, all credit to David G. for absorbing Gerald’s talk and putting it to work.

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