3.308 market, event

Sunday 10/16/2022

About 10am I decided to go walk the California ave. market. Cal. ave. has opted to keep their on-street restaurant seating from Covid times; then the large and popular Sunday farmers market folds itself between and around these, so there is a really intense four-block scene. It was just fun walking along in it. I treated myself to a packet of medjool dates, which I hadn’t indulged in for quite a while.

Well, maybe not everybody likes it…

Nobody wearing a mask any more of course.

Back at CH, at 4:30 we were to have a Sunday at Home talk with me on AV. This is a monthly series of talks by residents on their own knowledge or specialty. Today it was Ian, our retired nuclear physicist, who had put together a talk on how plants like sunflowers form spirals based on the Fibonacci series and the golden mean. This meant lots of slides which he wanted to manage from his own laptop.

So we did the simplest thing, I set up as zoom host, and he joined from his laptop and shared his screen. This worked fine. I managed to get all the things right: voices in the auditorium mics were heard by zoom attendees; zoom attendees when un-muted, could be heard in the auditorium, there was no feedback, everybody could see and hear. Oh, and I remembered to start the zoom recording at the beginning of the presentation. It was the FIRST TIME that I managed a hybrid auditorium/zoom event with no glitches!

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