3.307 movie, dinner

Saturday 10/16/2022

I was scheduled for dinner with Suzanne and Jim (I also had dinner with them on 3.245), and had promised to bring dessert, so at 10 I headed out on foot to walk to Town and Country to buy something at Douce France, a pastry shop. I did that, buying three cute little fruit tarts. Had coffee at Peet’s, and walked back.

I fixed another problem in my software hobby and then it was time to go down to the auditorium and run a movie. This is part of being an AV volunteer. I went down an hour early and as usual there was an issue. In this case, the chairs had been moved to set up for choir practice, with lots of chairs on stage, blocking the drop-down screen. So I moved chairs. A short time before 3pm, two guys came in from facilities and moved the rest of the chairs. Apparently they had been scheduled to do that. Of course I didn’t know that and didn’t dare wait in hopes of it.

The movie was the 2022 version of Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris, which is a lovely feel-good movie. If you want a pleasant time-killer it will do nicely.

Off to dinner arriving on the dot of 6:30 and had a very pleasant evening with Suzanne and Jim. Got back latish and forgot to blog. Oh well.

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