3.303 doing stuff

Tuesday 10/11/2022

Went down to the gym and worked the machines. Then started doing stuff. Over the course of the day and several emails, I managed to get the AV team scheduled for some training next week. I also wrote to Tom, the Provinet guy who is responsible for moving our AV upgrade forward, and got a reply later.

Big step next: called the IBM retiree line about the new IBM retiree medical coverage. They have hired United Health Care to offer a “Medicare Advantage” program for what seems a very reasonable monthly premium. This has at least some degree of coverage for vision and for dental work, which I didn’t have before. Long phone call with a very helpful rep.

Printed a couple more bridge pictures, and organized the prints that I had made already. Worked on my software project.

After supper, looking through my box of DVDs for something to show before the Saturday movie — it tickles me to show something unscheduled in the hour before the planned start time — I found a CD case with a Bobby Darin documentary. Inside the case was another disk, one I apparently recorded off PBS, a recording of Bobby Darin doing a live show in Vegas. Huh. It ran an hour and a quarter and really wouldn’t be suitable, too long for one thing. But it was fun to listen to.

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