3.302 meeting, fopal

Monday 10/10/2022

The Resident Association meeting was at 9 this morning so no walk. David G was running the AV and had a number of problems, as usual, with the Zoom side of it. Turns out there was never any audio going out to Zoom, I have no clue what he had f’d up, but the net result was, the zoom recording of the 90-minute long meeting (!) had no sound on it, either. So no recording for the secretary to review for her notes, or for people who missed the meeting to replay. There were other minor f’ups as well.

Sunday I’m going to be running one. We’ll see if I can do better.

Then down to FOPAL for post-sale cleanup. My section had a big sale weekend, with 125 books fewer now that before the sale. At an average of maybe $3 a book (the majority are priced at $2, some higher) that’s what, $400 give or take. If it were going to me instead of the Library, I’d be making about $30/hour for the time I spend down there. I guess that’s not bad.

Afternoon I worked on my obsessive software hobby project. It is getting perilously close to time to actually run it. Had dinner with Patty, Chuck, and Joy.

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