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Friday 09/16/2022

Had breakfast in the dining room for the first time in weeks, because AV member Kass wanted to talk about an upcoming event, so we met for breakfast. After which I went for a walk. That was fine.

Experimented with yet another piece of “AI” photo software, Topaz Photo AI, which I got free for having bought their package of other apps. This shit is truly amazing. Put in an OK scanned slide image, it mulls for ten seconds, and produces a massively improved version: larger, sharper, cleaner, brighter. Doesn’t do anything over the top, doesn’t make it too bright or saturated, just … better. Crazy. Printed a couple more bridge pictures.

At 3 I got with Prudence about her slide show for this coming Sunday. She has it in Photos on her mac. I hate and despise Photos, and today only gave me more reasons. She has 140 pictures in an album, all arranged in exactly the sequence she wants to give her talk. I need to get her show onto my computer, also a Mac running the same level of software. There is NO WAY to transfer the images and retain their sequence. The stupid thing will export the album to a thumb drive and even give the pictures filenames with sequence numbers. Great! But when you import the pictures off the thumb drive it scrambles the order. And there is no way to make it sort the pictures in an album according to their filenames. Well, long story short I worked around it with some labor.

At 5 I went down and set up a mic and speaker for the organizer of the Gift Shop Gala and Liqueur Tasting. Which is pretty much what it says: the gift shop people brought out all their back stock onto tables in the lobby, and there were cookies and bottles of liqueur to sample.

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