3.279 docent movie play

Saturday 09/17/2022

Overcommitted Saturday. Had a docent tour to do at noon. At nine I went to get dressed in my red docent shirt which I last wore a week ago on a warm day, then hung up on a hanger. Phew, that’s ripe. So I put on a t-shirt instead, and hand-washed the docent shirt in the basin and trotted down the hall to the laundry room and ran it for 15 minutes in the dryer. And ironed it and put it on.

Museum attendance was light but I had a group of ten or so that stuck with me. Back to CH by 1:30. At 3pm I was scheduled to play a movie in the auditorium. Went down at 2:30 and set up. Movie was Here Today with Billy Crystal. An older guy is sliding into dementia. This seems familiar. It was just not so long ago that I was asked to run The Father with Anthony Hopkins playing an older guy who is sliding into dementia. I must ask Karen, who chooses the movies, if this is a theme or what.

At 5:30 I went down for dinner and fell in with the Allens and the Hartzells. From the dining room I went to the garage and drove to Los Altos, the Bus Barn, to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I read the book some time ago, and mainly remember how it conveyed the inner world of an autistic person. Of course on stage you have the outer world. How would they do it? With lots of projections around a bare stage. The actors who portrayed Christopher and his two parents were really good. However the script had me shaking my head. So depressing, as everybody lies to the kid. He is betrayed by the people who should support him, over and over. So many times the script has people saying “Christopher, I promise…” and you know they can’t possibly promise that. In the end they tried to wrap it up with everyone getting together again. Nope, I don’t think so.

Anyway it ran long and I didn’t get to bed until 11. Near thing, the Prius might have turned into a pumpkin.

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