3.276 hobbies, haircut, meetings

Wednesday 09/14/2022

A day with few commitments and a lot of napping. In the morning I went for the standard walk. Then I printed pictures of a couple more bridges. My picture rails are full with six big pictures and I have to decide how to continue. I guess I will take away the first three and go on with the next three?

I’m very pleased with the various “AI” -based photo software I’m using. Starting with a 2500x1800px scan of a slide, excellent composition but barely enough pixels to print 6×8 inches; also tending to lack contrast and color. Luminar does a great job of opening up shadows and perking up colors in one quick step. Save that and drop it on Topaz de-noiser which simultaneously takes away the grain while making all the fine details beautifully sharp. Save and drop it on the Topaz “gigapixel” app to just double it in size. The “AI” figures out how to add pixels without seeming to duplicate anything, it just becomes a higher-res picture, 5000x3600px. Then into Affinity Photo for final tweaks and because Affinity does a better job of managing the printer, and print it on 11×14 or 11×17 paper.

At 1pm I had a haircut so now am back to my Steve Jobs-like very short hairdo. At 4:30 we had the monthly floor meeting. The first attended by my new across-the hall neighbor Linda. Then most of the 6th floor went down to dinner together.

After supper I worked on two other hobbies, software and science fiction, while keeping one ear on a zoom meeting. David M., our most skilled AV event person, ran one of the regular Speaker Series events in the auditorium and he had a problem with getting audio to the zoom audience. He solved it after ten minutes; I don’t know what the problem was although I mean to ask him. Anyway, our run of botched hybrid zooms continues. I’m going to run one Sunday, maybe I can pull off a flawless one.

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