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Tuesday 09/13/2022

Went to the gym first thing, did the recommended double round of the machines. My first scheduled event was at 11. During the interim I took care of a pending item. I decided that it just wasn’t the right thing to send that model to youtuber Sarah. So I unpacked the box and put the model back on my desk. Then I printed two more of the London Bridge series of pictures.

At 11 I met with staff person Jasie, her tech consultant Tom, and IT techs Paul and Gerald. And Jerry, my neighbor and our video production guru. This was to discuss the upgrade of the auditorium. We went over all the parts of the build, the projector, new cameras, screens, etc., what we wanted, what was possible, in quite a bit of detail. They went off to start working with the contractor, ICS.

At 2:30 I went to the auditorium to help one of my AV committee members, Rich, on what should be a simple meeting: no zoom, just project hand out mics and put powerpoint slides on the big screen. Hah. The presenter didn’t arrive until one minute to 3, when the talk was supposed to start, and some audience was already there. She had her slides on a cute little Macbook Air, a new one, with only two USB-C ports. So I have to run back to my room and get a USB-C to HDMI adapter. Then try to work with her machine, which of course does the worst possible thing when it sees a second monitor added: it decides I must want that to be the main screen and moves the menu bar there, “there” being the projected image that I’m standing to one side of and can barely see. Anyway after futzing around for ten minutes we get her slides showing properly on the screen, but the remote clicker doesn’t work so she has to say “next slide please” each time.

Oh well. About 4:45, John calls from the auditorium. He’s doing a rehearsal for an upcoming event (which is an excellent idea and good on him) and he can’t get the camera to work. I tell him the couple of things I can think of but that doesn’t help. I suggest he try to get Paul or Gerald if they haven’t gone home. I am really coming to hate our AV equipment.

Had dinner with Patty and the Allens.

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