3.268 meeting, fopal, managing

Tuesday 09/06/2022

Went down to the gym this morning and ran the cycle of the machines. Tried to write some more on the aliens story but didn’t get much done; the story just keeps branching out in all directions, so I was trying to write one little scene but there was so much to figure out about what must have happened earlier to make this possible I just got lost. So I had nothing for the writers meeting, but fortunately lots of other people had written.

Then off to FOPAL to finish setting up my section for the upcoming sale weekend.

Later I took care of a bit of managing. There’s a simple event with no coverage. There’s a committee member who’s been pretty inactive. So I called her up and was pleased to find that she is still interested, and we arranged that we would cover the event together and I would show her how to do something she hasn’t trained on. Successful management!

At supper, Lynn, who lives on the 4th floor, asked me for help showing a movie on their screen. Stew, who is very active on the 4th floor and who led a drive earlier in the year to install a big-screen TV on the wall of their lounge, is away this week. So of course Lynn comes to me as the tech guru. So after supper I spent a few minutes figuring out how Stew had set up their DVD, and wrote up a page of instructions, and then at 7:15 met with Lynn and walked her through the process, so she is now a trained movie projectionist, more or less, for her 4th floor buddies. Teach a person to fish and they’ll use a lot of worms. Or something.

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