3.267 event, fopal, pizza

Monday 09/05/2022

Today I was responsible for the A/V of a book talk. The speaker was Dr. Patnode, who has lectured here many times. He doesn’t use any slides, just a whiteboard, so the setup is real simple. And he doesn’t want it recorded, so I don’t have to remember to start the zoom recording. So I managed to run an event without screwing anything up.

Prior to the event I walked briskly over to NY Pizza on Hamilton and ordered five big pizzas for the floor dinner tonight.

I’d been invited for lunch with Marcia and Kent, plus Connie Erica and Joanne, so that was very pleasant.

After lunch I went down to Fopal and ripped through 9 boxes of mostly crap. I need to go back tomorrow and tidy the shelves and do a pre-sale count, for the sale this coming weekend.

At 5:15 I went down and waited for the driver with the pizzas. In all there were 14 of us in the 6th floor dining room for dinner. It was very nice and sociable.

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