3.269 uncommitted day

Wednesday 09/07/2022

In the night, my right ankle started to hurt. Why? Who knows? But it was severe enough that I got up and took a couple of ibuprofen. It was still hurting, making me limp, when I got up, so I did not go for a walk early, which I had planned to do because of 97º heat forecast.

So I did my laundry instead and you know? By 10am the ankle was fine. Why? Who knows? I can only figure arthur itis, but I’ve never had arthur itis before; or maybe gout which I have had before but only in my big toes, not the ankle. But anyway it’s gone now so obviously nothing to worry about. (sarcasm)

Before the laundry I prepared two slides of powerpoint. This is for the Activity Showcase on Friday. The last Activity Showcase was 2019; it’s basically a volunteer job fair. All the many volunteer orgs at CH have tables and there’s entertainment (the chorus, also the harmonica group) and snacks, and we try to get people to volunteer for shit. I for the A/V team will share a table with Bert for the Tech squad, and behind us will be a big TV with a looping powerpoint slide show Bert had prepared, so these slides were to be added into that. Then the laundry, and fill the hummingbird feeders, and make a bunch of protein shakes, and work on the model car and it’s nearly lunch time.

After lunch, drive down to the Financial Advisors (not the Fiduciary, the older outfit) to sign a letter authorizing changing the name on some of the Schwab accounts to reflect the current name of the family trust. I see these people typically once a year, but everybody was friendly, how ya doin’ etc.

Back at the shop, Harriet emails, needs advice on getting iPad. I happen to know of one cheap, the one that I reset and cleaned up a few months ago (day 3.094 as a matter of fact) which is still kicking around the gift shop because Mary Beth hadn’t figured out how to price it. So after several emails, Harriet is coming to lunch Monday and to buy the iPad.

Detailed the Studebaker engine bay and glued on a couple more bits.

And in other model car news, I did something I had been thinking about for weeks. Some months ago I finished a 63 VW bug model, and it was one of my better jobs. So I am a big fan of Sarah-N-Tuned, one of three different car-restorer youtube channels I subscribe to. Sarah is currently rebuilding a 69 bug and painting it the same color as my model. So I packed up the model with a note and it is ready to send to her shop in Tucson. But I haven’t sent it, and may not. It’s a pretty juvenile thing to do.

This was an uncommitted day, nothing on the calendar. Tomorrow on the other hand, is rather busy.

One thought on “3.269 uncommitted day

  1. Goodmorning…..I shudder when I read of your ankle pain! One am several years ago- when I got up in the am-I wasn’t able to bare weight! .I thought I must have broke it(??) after a few day- ended up in ER for X-rays- nope- it was discovered- my uric acid was way over 9-GOUT!!
    I struggled with misc meds that did nothing!!! Finally demanded a specialist- and was referred… he immediately set out with steroids- and finally when Utica acid was below 6-he put me on one pill ofAllapurinal 300 for the rest of my life- solved!!!
    I have my number checked every year- and have never suffered again- whew! Probably the worst pain I’ve ever had- with the exception of breaking my elbow-
    I sure hope this isn’t your case- !
    We are good here- warm tempts- am selling my glass out of my “She shed” set up on the property- getting too old to load and unload those heavy birdbaths-


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