3.266 volleyball, more theater

Sunday 09/04/2022

Usual Sunday morning. At 11:30 I started walking to Maples Pavilion to attend a Stanford Women’s Volleyball match against #1 Texas. Longer walk than I had estimated, but not too bad. The temperature was in the low 80s, not at all the scary heat wave that had been predicted.

I bought a general admission ticket, got a hot dog and drink and sat down to watch the match. It was pretty clear from the start that Stanford was overmatched. Texas’s defense was quite noticeably better. The first set ended 25-16. So I left, and got a Lyft home. Later I checked and, yup, they lost in straight sets.

Did some work on the Studebaker, which is getting pretty close to done. I’ll finish it next week. And a couple of hours of pleasant coding.

At 6 I was out the door to attend the second theatrical thing of the weekend, Hershey Felder as Chopin. Mr. Felder is a well-known pianist and he has been doing these, what I think of as tribute band productions, where he impersonates a famous pianist, performs some of their works and talks about “his” life and times.

The program said, 90 minutes no intermission. I said, “oh dear.” And yes, if there had been an intermission I’d have not come back from it. Well, it wasn’t bad, just not great.

Anyway, on to Labor Day.

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