3.265 meetings, theater

Saturday 09/03/2022

Three meetings in the space of an hour this morning. I met with Grace in the lobby to help her with some photos on her phone. Then with Bert and David G. to talk about resident assistance for the staff Emergency Response Team. They expect power cuts this weekend (but in fact the promised dangerously hot heat hasn’t happened here, no doubt it’s tough in Sacramento but we have yet to break 85), and during the first couple of hours of any emergency, the front desk tends to get overwhelmed. So at Bert’s insistent lobbying, Rhonda and staff have agreed that selected resident volunteers will come to the lobby and set up an info table. We will monitor channel 3 of the house radio and answer in-person and on-radio questions, shielding the front desk person. Channel 3 is the channel of the in-house walkie-talkies that residents are expected to use. There’s a handset in every floor’s lounge with an instruction sheet.

Then off to the fifth floor for a tech squad call on Mary Ann who had various problems with email and facebook. Somehow she had acquired two Facebook accounts and two iCloud accounts, and wasn’t sure of the passwords for any of them… I won’t say I got her straightened out, but at least I clarified a few things.

Later I made a silly mistake with the Studebaker. I glued the body tub with seats and dashboard onto the chassis, failing to notice that a large section of the bottom of this piece shows through the chassis. I should have painted it flat black but didn’t, so white unpainted plastic glares through the chassis. I will have a ticklish job painting it, reaching around the driveshaft and other parts.

Had dinner with the Allens and Edie and then it was time to walk to Lucy Stern center to see the Palo Alto Players production of School of Rock. Here’s the review I posted to CHBB today:

It’s a silly silly play but if you don’t go looking for depth, it’s a blast. I remember the movie (2003) and I saw a Broadway production in NYC. This was a really good effort, with a cast of 40 (FORTY!) and multiple fast scene changes on the relatively tiny Lucy Stern stage. The kids were all cute and talented, and the principals worked their butts off to pretty good effect. The music was satisfyingly loud, but not so loud that you needed earplugs. (As an A/V amateur I am in awe of the sound setup, with 40 people wearing wireless mics and multiple electric instruments to balance.)

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