3.251 tech, shopping, tech failure

Saturday 08/20/2022

Took a tech squad call to start the day, at 9am. Visited Nancy to see if I could fix her mac which stopped receiving email when she installed the recent OS upgrade. As I suspected all I had to do was go to Preferences – Internet Accounts and, yup, it needed to log in to Google again to get gmail. Fixed.

Then I went on a shopping trip to look at EVs. I am not very impressed. The BMW i4 is a big sleek sedan but just seemed too heavy and massive. Didn’t like. The Mini Cooper EV is cute and would actually do for me, except that its range is a puny 100 miles. The VW ID.4 is a big SUV. Make a fine family car, but I have no family. I wanted to see the Hyundai Ioniq-5 but they had none. “Extremely limited availability” the web site says and the dealer agrees.

The Chevy Bolt is for the time being the survivor, although I somehow missed the Kia dealer. I need to see a Kia Niro EV in the, um, flesh. Steel. It’s probably more bulky than I want but I can’t tell for sure from pictures. Bolts are available, although the combination of upgrades I’d like are hard to find.

Afternoon, I was to run a hybrid zoom event. I set everything up, I swear, exactly like the last time, only this time, there was nasty feedback from Zoom into the auditorium system. I couldn’t get rid of it. Initially we started the meeting with no zoom audio. Then I thought to try feeding zoom through the macbook’s own mic, rather than from the audio system feed. That gave the dozen zoom users usable audio.

I was very disappointed with myself and pissed at that fucking audio system. We have had months to make this work and every time I try to run a meeting something different goes wrong with it.

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