3.250 meeting, volleyball

Friday 08/19/2022

Went for a walk in the morning. Earlier I picked up on news of an urgent update for Apple devices, phones ipads and macs alike. So i put out a notice to the bulletin board. Naturally I was dealing with replies all day from people who couldn’t figure out how to update their iPads or whatever.

At noon I had a date with Prudence, the other fiction writer at CH. Well, more of a fiction writer than I am; she has published more than one novel for children with a real publisher. I have been mulling an idea, or some related but vague ideas, for a SF book and I wanted her help to figure out some more ideas and approaches. So we had lunch and talked this over and she was very helpful. I don’t want to try to write about the ideas now, or here.

In the afternoon I gave in to temptation and worked on some software. I wrote a large program a few years ago. Called PPQT (never mind why) it was a major effort that never got used by anybody but me. I last updated it on GitHub in 2017, until now. For some reason last week I took another look at it. It depends heavily on a GUI platform called Qt, and Qt has moved on a major version, from Qt5 to Qt6, in the years gone by. So I started in a casual sort of way, to update it to use the newer version. And I find it just seductive. I can sink into the programmer’s meditative state and time just flies by. I need to ration it; it’s like a drug.

At 5:15 I went down and picked up the sandwich I had ordered to go, and met with Patty and Martha to go to the “Cardinal and White Scrimmage”, a pre-season event for the Stanford women’s volleyball team. It was ok, but volleyball is not a game that grabs me much.

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