3.252 concert

Sunday 08/21/2022

Up betimes (how Samuel Pepys often opened a post in his blog) and had read the paper, refreshed the hummingbird feeders, watered the plants, showered and done the crossword by 9:30. Then I did a bit of real work, reading the draft materials that Mariah the Lawyer had sent me. That went quickly, so I put in half an hour on the Studebaker that I’ve been neglecting all week.

Next, off to the grocery store for bread and peanut butter, and a package of cookies. Because the main activity today was to attend a house concert and it is customary to contribute to the snacks. Sandy went with me. This concert was at the house on Rose Avenue. Back in the day Marian and I attended three or four concerts there over the years. I calculated that the last one would probably have been in 2017.

This one was the jazz duo Brian Holland and Danny Coots. It was excellent, ragtime and a little boogie-woogie, jokes and superb musicianship. Back home by 5:30.

In the middle of the day I started writing a scene from that SF story I was workshopping with Prudence the other day. The writers group cue this week is “an open door”. Talking about it at lunch with Linda something melded between that and the SF story. Hmm.

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